A journey to unlock the power of the Kano model

Make better decisions to improve your customers' lives.

I’ve been a strategy consultant for over 10 years now, and I’ve always been adamant that customer value must be an major parameter in any kind of business decision.

I believe that customer value is the only real remaining differentiator. It is also the most complex parameter to decipher.

The Kano model — although it’s not without its caveats — is a great tool to understand the value you and your team are delivering to your customers. It helps teams make better decisions, faster.

Better, because using it improves the customer experience, reduces waste and keeps you ahead of the competition. Faster, because you can finally eliminate meetings where it’s all opinions and no facts.

If you believe customer value deserves all the attention it can get, this series of newsletters will be for you. And if you can’t get enough, I’m also working on a full guide to the model in public1

To put it more dramatically: I’m on a journey to unlock the full power of the Kano model.

Join me, will you?2


You can read (and comment) along here.


I always wanted to say that. It’s how Karina Longworth ends her intro of each episode of “You Must Remember This”, a podcast series on the forgotten stories from 20th century Hollywood.